Delay sensitive multimedia Challenge

-- Meet Deadline Requirements

Total Prize: $4500

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Many live or interactive multimedia applications expect the data to arrive within the maximum acceptable end-to-end latency (i.e., meeting deadline). If the content cannot be delivered by the deadline (i.e., missing deadline), the delivery efforts may be wasted . Such applications are usually transmitted in blocks (e.g., chunks in live video streaming, frames in video conferencing).

Missing the deadlines of blocks can greatly affect the users’ QoE. For example, live video streaming requires low end-to-end latency, usually on the order of 5 seconds, for real-time interactions between broadcasters and viewers. Real-time communication (RTC) such as video conferencing has strict latency constraints and the latency of these applications cannot exceed about 100ms to enable natural interaction .

In 2021, we hope to begin with “Meet Deadline Requirements” challenge as the first one of this series. We will provide a simulation platform, video datasets, network datasets and a series of signals that can be utilized to design algorithms. We hope that the platform and datasets can assist everyone in optimizing the QoE of delay-sensitive multimedia in this challenge.


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