Global AI Transmission Competition

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Competition Introduction

In recent years, the explosive growth of data scale and the personalized demand of dynamic heterogeneous networks have presented new challenges to network transmission. At the same time, network researchers, equipment vendors and Internet service providers have been trying to explore a variety of emerging technologies to enable intelligent network transport. Recent technological innovations have begun to offer new opportunities for "smart" network transmission technologies. For example, artificial intelligence is becoming the mainstream research direction for the new industrial revolution. In the era of big data, we hope to achieve automated, efficient, accurate and fair intelligent network transmission through machine learning, data mining, and cybernetics.

We deeply hope that we can invite all the talents in the network industry through the form of competition to come together to capture the difficulties of future network transmission.

This year's topic ————Live Streaming Rate Adaptation

From the current Internet traffic statistics, video traffic demand has reached 80%, and streaming media transmission has become the top priority in today's network transmission. With the rise of today's live broadcast, short video and other services, streaming live broadcasts has changed a lot compared with the video transmission in the previous on-demand era. It added a new requirement for real-time interaction (low latency) on the basis of low-calorie, high-definition.Therefore, it is especially important to ensure the stability of transmission during the live broadcast.

For the majority of live broadcast users, the most unbearable thing is that they have been stuck frequently during the live broadcast. As follows:

At present, domestic popular live broadcast platforms such as Betta and Yingke are the default choices for higher code rates. When there are frequent jams, a corresponding pop-up window will appear to prompt users to downgrade to SD, smooth and so on. There are also platforms that have a fixed low code rate, and natural users cannot enjoy a high-definition viewing experience. At the same time, in response to this problem, academics and industry have been actively studying adaptive adjustment rate algorithm (automatically adjust the bit rate for users), in recent years. In this competition, we have set up the corresponding platform and invite everyone to come. Everyone can fill in your own adaptive rate adjustment algorithm. We sincerely hope that you can actively participate in this competition and use the power of technology to solve this real problem.


1、Participant:Full-time college students, business researchers

2、Programming Language:Python

3、Form of participation: Team participation, 1-3 players per team

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