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Before you click on the registration button (hereinafter referred to as "the player"), please be careful and cautious to read and fully understand the contents of the "Competition Registration Agreement" ("This Agreement"), especially in the terms marked in bold.

If the player has any questions about the content of this agreement, please contact the organizer via the communication method published on the official website of the Live Video Streaming Challenge. The organizer will explain the contents of this agreement to the player. If the player does not agree to any of the contents of this agreement, or does not accurately understand the organizer's interpretation of this agreement, please do not click the registration button. Otherwise, when the player clicks the registration button, it means that the player has accepted and signed all the terms and contents of this agreement, and agrees to be bound by this agreement. At that time, the contestant shall not claim that this agreement is invalid, or request to revoke, terminate or terminate this agreement, without reading the contents of this agreement or obtaining the answer to the contestant's inquiry.

Contestant registration agreement

In view of the voluntarily signing up for the “Live Video Streaming Challenge” organized by the Network Department of Tsinghua University (the “Host”).

Based on the principle of equality, voluntariness and fairness, the parties reached the following registration agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”) as follows:

Article 1 The declaration and guarantee of the player

The player makes the following statement and guarantee to the organizer:

1. According to the rules of the competition, fill in the registration information of the players, and all the registration information and information of the contestants are true, valid and legal; the player has legal, valid and complete copyright or any information or documents submitted by the contestants. Ownership, and does not infringe the rights of any third party; the contestant does not have any problems or potential hazards that prevent him from participating in the contest. The organizer of the contest reserves the right to entrust a third party to investigate. If any information about the player is found to be inaccurate, illegal, etc., the player accepts the organizer to cancel, suspend or terminate the qualification at any time. The organizer reserves the right to investigate the player’s legal liability, thus causing any loss to the organizer and the contest. The player is guaranteed to be liable for compensation.

2. If the player makes a loss to the contest or the organizer's behavior, the organizer reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate the qualification, and the organizer reserves the right to pursue the player's legal liability.

3. The player agrees and allows the organizer to investigate, obtain and collect information, materials, documents, etc. regarding the identity of the contestant, the qualifications of the contestants, the registration materials of the contestants, etc. through the website or other online and offline methods. The right to use such information and materials on a global, permanent, and unpaid basis, including the use of such information for screening contestants, promotion, competition promotion, talent statistics and recommendations, and other matters related to the competition. If you would like to know how this website collects, uses and processes personal information, please read the Privacy Policy posted on this website.

4. Under the premise that the player agrees and allows the organizer to obtain and collect the entries submitted by the players (including the submitted source code and papers, etc.), the organizer has the right to use the above-mentioned entries, including the finalists for the screening contest, promotion, business Cooperation and development, competition promotion, talent statistics and recommendations, and other matters related to the competition.

5. The player agrees, permits and guarantees that the organizer will record the audio, video, picture, etc. of the player during the registration and execution of the contest. The copyright of the works will be owned by the organizer. The organizer may use it according to their needs. The player agrees not to Wait for the shoot and the work to make any claims.

6. Players understand that as the stage of the contest is different, the player may be required to sign or agree to a new agreement or rule. The player has the right to refuse to sign and waive the promotion rights and qualifications, but may not challenge the new agreement or rule. In order to make any claim or make any claim, the organizer may choose other players to fill the vacancy and qualifications.

7. The contestants have carefully, carefully and carefully read the rules of the competition and agreed to abide by the rules and systems formulated by the organizer; respect and accept the judgement made by the jury of the competition and the decisions made by the organizers of the competition.

8. Players understand and agree that even if they meet all application requirements, the organizer does not have to choose their obligation to participate in the contest.

9. The Player guarantees that he will not provide or agree to provide any form of remuneration to any organizer or other partners of the Contest and its staff to obtain qualifications for their participation in the Contest or to qualify for the Contest, to qualify for the award, etc., or to make other bribes and The behavior of its staff; the player guarantees that he will not accept it, or agrees to accept any form of remuneration, and advertises any product or service during the competition, or uses items with advertising intent.

10. The player agrees that the organizer will add it to the talent pool of the organizer. Some players selected by the organizer will enter the green recruitment channel of the organizer or get the number of places to be promoted. The players agree to give priority to the recruitment opportunities provided by the organizer.

11. The player agrees that the organizer has the right to invest in the selected players or the projects they are engaged in or intends to engage in. The players selected by the organizer agree to cooperate with the signing of the priority investment agreement prepared by the organizer.

12. The player agrees to obey the arrangement and management of the organizer during the registration and participation in the contest. If there is a violation, the organizer has the right to cancel the qualification. The resulting loss is the responsibility of the player.

13. The player promises not to publish any unfavorable remarks about the contest, the organizer and its affiliates, staff, contest jury, etc., and will not be in any occasion and in any media, or through the network, community, forum, public number, circle of friends. Such as the publication or disclosure of confidential information, trade secrets and other details of the contest that are not suitable for disclosure during the contest; in addition, the player guarantees that no adverse behavior will be made to the contest and the organizer. Otherwise, the organizer The right to cancel the qualifications of the contestants, awards, etc., and the players shall compensate for all losses caused by the organizers and the competition.

14. After winning the contest in mainland China, please provide a bank account in mainland China. Chinese Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other regions or countries must provide their current resident bank account and resident address after winning the award, and the permanent resident does not include the following regions or countries: Central African Republic, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, Crimea, Croatia, Cuba, Kosovo, Myanmar, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Eritrea. It is recommended that the winners who are resident in the above regions or countries provide other resident bank accounts that can support cross-border transfers so as not to affect the reception of bonuses. At the same time, the organizers of the competition will issue RMB bonuses to the winners of the Mainland China account (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) that meet the above requirements, and to the Chinese Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and other regional accounts that meet the above requirements. Issue a dollar bonus. The prizes listed in the contest are pre-tax amounts, and the after-tax bonuses earned by the winners are the amount after the personal income tax is withheld and paid in accordance with the relevant tax regulations.

Article 2 Declaration and Warranty of the Player

The player agrees to abide by the following confidentiality rules:

1. Confidential Information: All information disclosed or provided by the players in the direction, as well as the trade secrets and other non-third party knowledge that the players obtained, knew or exchanged from the organizers or their affiliates or partners in this competition. Information, including but not limited to:

(1)Operation data, transaction data, user information, technical data, algorithms, source code, financial information, business channels, and programs, software, procedures, manuals, etc. of the organizer and its related parties and partners;

(2) Data and information obtained by the organizer and its related parties from third parties but subject to confidentiality obligations;

(3) Any other confidential or proprietary data or information;

(4) Other data and information that are generally not known to the organizer and its affiliates and are not officially disclosed in the public domain;

(5) Although not specified in this agreement, the data and information that need to bear the confidentiality obligation can be determined according to the principle of prudent use. The contestant acknowledges that all the above information is confidential information of the organizer and its related parties and partners, and such information has important effects and commercial value for the organizer and its related parties and partners. If it is leaked or improperly used, it will have a serious impact. And economic losses. The player agrees to keep the above confidential information of the organizer and its related parties and partners strictly confidential.

1. Confidential information does not include: (1) information that is not generally known to the public as a result of a violation of this agreement by the player; (2) the player has owned or known the player but has no obligation to keep confidential until the player receives the information from the organizer. information.

2. The organizer is not responsible for the truthfulness, applicability, completeness and reasonableness of the confidential information, and does not make any express or implied representations and warranties. The organizer does not have any legal responsibility for the use of confidential information by the players, and the relevant legal responsibilities are borne by the players.

3. The player guarantees to use the above-mentioned confidential information in the designated area, platform and time frame according to the specified requirements of the organizer or the rules for the use of confidential information. Without the prior written consent of the organizer, the contestant shall not obtain or use the confidential information in a manner that does not meet the requirements of the organizer. The sponsor's confidential information may not be emulated, reverse engineered, decompiled, attempted to decipher the source code, etc., and may not be disclosed, transmitted, sold, transferred or used for any commercial purpose to any third party in any form.

4. Players should consciously and proactively protect the above confidential information and take all necessary confidentiality measures.

5.the above confidential information shall be terminated on the date when the organizer provides the confidential information or the day when the player obtains the confidential information until the disclosure of the confidential information. The second clause of the confidentiality obligation shall not be terminated due to the termination of this agreement.

rticle 3 Intellectual Property

1. Except as otherwise agreed in the Dataset Download Agreement, the Organizer and its affiliates have all legal rights to all information (including but not limited to images, videos, data, codes, etc.) provided in this Contest. Do not have any rights. Players may not use, modify, reproduce, publicly distribute, distribute or otherwise use the foregoing information without the consent of the organizer or its affiliates.

2. In addition to the agreement between the organizer and the contestant, the results of independent development of the players during the contest (including but not limited to algorithms, source code, data, design proposals, papers, etc., hereinafter referred to as “results”) and corresponding intellectual property rights, All the rights of the player, but the pictures, videos, data, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “basic data”) to which the results are attached or used, if they are provided by the organizer and its affiliates, all rights to such basic data are not Provide behavioral transfer. If the player uses the basic data of the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of the organizer and its related parties in the course of using the results, the organizer and its related parties shall pay the use fee, specifically by the organizer or its related parties and players's consulting separately.

3. Unless otherwise agreed by the organizer and the player, the player shall ensure that they use the basic data only for non-commercial purposes such as scientific research or classroom teaching, and assume full responsibility for the use of the basic data to ensure that the organizer and its affiliates Protect from any claims or litigation resulting from the use of the underlying data.

4. The player agrees to grant the organizer and the related parties of the organizer the right to freely use the results of the previous paragraph on a global, indefinite and unrestricted basis, including but not limited to screening contestants for finalists, promotion, promotion, talent statistics. Other matters related to recommendations, competitions, collaborative research, further development, commercial use, etc. For the avoidance of doubt, based on the new results generated by the use of the above results, the organizer and its affiliates have full intellectual property rights, and the players agree not to claim any rights to the new results, including but not limited to ownership, and based on the ownership of the above results. And hinder the implementation of new results.

5. If the organizer or its affiliates intend to obtain the results of the complete intellectual property rights (including algorithms, source code, papers, data, design schemes, etc.) independently developed by the contestants in this competition, the players agree that the organizer or its affiliates are equivalent. The right to purchase is granted under the conditions of the transaction, and the relevant matters shall be determined by the player and the organizer or their related parties.

6. Players should ensure that the data, source code, etc. provided and used in participating in this competition do not infringe the legal rights of any third party and do not violate any laws and regulations, such as third parties based on such If the results are submitted to the organizer and/or its related parties for claims, litigation, etc., the player shall compensate the organizer and its related parties for all losses suffered, and the organizer may immediately notify the players to terminate their qualifications and take other measures.

7. The termination of this Agreement does not affect the continued validity of the intellectual property provisions of this Article.

Article 4 Liability for breach of contract

1. A party that violates this agreement shall compensate the defender for all losses suffered as a result.

2. If the confidential information is used or disclosed without authorization, the player shall assist the organizer in recovering the confidential information in various ways, reducing the scope of disclosure of confidential information, and preventing the confidential information from being further infringed.

3. The player agrees that the unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information will cause irreparable damage and major infringement to the organizer and its affiliates. Except for all statutory compensation, the Organizer will have the right to apply to the competent people's court for an injunction or appropriate relief for any actual or potential violation of this Agreement based on reasonable judgment. The Player shall be liable for full damages, infringements, including but not limited to actual losses, available benefits and attorneys' fees, for the breach of contract or mandatory obligations.

4. The player agrees that the organizer has the right to review the player's breach of contract at any time; if the player violates any agreement in this agreement, he shall have the right to immediately terminate the qualification of the contestant, and all losses and consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the player.

Article 5 Other terms

1. This Agreement shall become effective from the date on which the player clicks on the registration online. The validity, interpretation, alteration, enforcement and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. In addition to complying with this agreement, players should also abide by the applicable agreements such as the User Agreement and the Data Set Download Agreement when using the services related to this website.

2. Any dispute arising from or in connection with this contract shall be submitted to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, in accordance with the arbitration rules currently in force at the time of applying for arbitration, and shall be resolved by the laws of the People's Republic of China. The arbitration language should be Chinese.

3. By signing this Agreement, the player will be deemed to have all the rules and statements (including online and offline) of the Accreditation Contest.

4. The player agrees that the failure of the organizer to exercise the rights in a timely manner does not mean that the organizer waives such rights or other rights. The exercise of rights, alone or in part, does not prevent the organizer from further exercising its rights or obtaining compensation in the future, or otherwise exercising its rights or obtaining compensation.

5. If any provision of this Agreement conflicts with the current law, this provision is void, but does not affect the validity of the other terms of this Agreement.

6. The final interpretation of this agreement belongs to the organizer of the competition.

7. This Agreement is prepared in both Chinese and English. If the contents of the Chinese and English versions conflict, the Chinese version of this Agreement shall prevail and the English version of this Agreement shall be revised in accordance with the Chinese version.





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